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Google’s Advanced eCommerce SEO Tactics

In the current period, more and more companies are turning towards online resources to expand their businesses. Statistically, businesses started shifting 95% of their overall purchases online in 2017.

Indeed, ecommerce does allow for higher profitability for companies as the customer reach potential is significantly higher digitally than through brick-and-mortar stores nowadays. For the best results, you need to use the right practices and steps to improve your ecommerce efforts.

That is possible with SEO, and the Advanced eCommerce SEO strategies from Google are notable ones to try. Learn more about that here and hire the right ecommerce SEO agency, USA for additional support.

What is the importance of Ecommerce SEO for companies?

In the business of retail and manufacturing, e-commerce initiatives show a lot of potential growth. In fact, research shows that retail for consumer goods is a major factor in the ecommerce market, accounting for 18% of the full global rate of retail sales in 2020. Statistically, with a 1% average growth rate annually, this share can extend to 22% by 2024.

This high count is possible with more companies focusing on ecommerce, and specifically the SEO techniques related to that. This focus increases e-store visibility in SERPs, as the end users are more likely to use search engines to research products/brands.

In fact, approximately 70% of consumers use search engines to look for products before making their purchasing decisions.

So, ecommerce SEO is crucial for companies to increase their visibility and promote their products. With SEO practices, ecommerce stores have a higher ranking in search engine ranking pages and receive more traffic.

Not to mention, ecommerce SEO services from capable professionals from an agency like SEO Company Experts will allow you to gain only a relevant audience through organic results. This improves brand credibility and customer loyalty as well.

Tips for Advanced Ecommerce SEO while starting a new website

Notably, only focusing on creating a functional and well-managed website UI will not guarantee high web traffic. Using suitable SEO marketing tactics, you need to promote your website to the right audience. Additionally, you can pull attention through search engines by increasing the website’s Google Analytics ranking.

Here are some tips you should follow:

  • Requesting Google to send more crawlers to analyze your website is useful.
  • Complete the full verification process for the website.
  • Register into the Google Merchant Center and add details about your business, products, and deals.
  • Access the Index Coverage detailed report to evaluate the process of indexing sites that Google Search is following for your site specifically.
  • Claim the local physical store for your retail e-store or prepare a new one through the Google Business Profile.

Which part of Google displays eCommerce content?

Different sections on Google cater to specific types of content. For example, there are parts for the ads display, a portion of the platform for images, and more.

Moreover, Google does not only display its content through Google Search; there are other tools within the ecosystem. When you take the help of top experts from the best ecommerce SEO agency USA has to offer, like SEO Company Experts, they will help you utilize all Google-based sections for content promotion.

The main ones besides Google Search include:

  • Google Lens
  • Google Images
  • Google My Business
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Maps

When you plan your ecommerce SEO tactics around these services, focus on these sections. Each offers different types of content- take the support of all options to prepare highly tailored website content that will rank high in each stage.

What are the Structured Data Types Advanced eCommerce SEO focuses on?

To note, structured data is a machine-readable content format standardized to offer web page details. The more accurate and detailed your structured data is, Google Analytics can understand the content better.

Essentially, this code helps search engines to interpret which web content they are working with. There are eight variations commonly known that fall under structure data criteria. Here are some of them.

  • Products- This provides relevant details about products.
  • LocalBusiness- This module is useful for Google to track different details like opening hours, current location, etc.
  • How to- The how-to data type helps Google evaluate and rank guides on different content types.
  • Review- The software analyses the available product reviews.
  • WebSite- This section supports Google analytics to figure out the process in which the site shows the search box for users.
  • FAQPage- Google-based crawlers take this support for indexing FAQ pages, showcasing an easy-to-navigate structure.
  • VideoObject- The type of structure data relates to showcasing the live stream events and pre-made videos in search results.
  • BreadCrumbList- With this, Google understands the page’s position within the site hierarchy.

Tactics with advanced Google Ecommerce SEO

To improve your SEO quality in websites, use specific tactics like the ones mentioned here for a better outcome. Here are some tactics you can utilize.

1. Clean URLs

Many users try to find the content they are searching for via URL. However, it is important to see if the URLs you add are clean so that the search engine can find the relevant page. Plus, shorter URLs are easier to handle, reducing end-user complications while searching for content.

While formatting the URL for your website, make sure to avoid any stuffed keywords and focus on describing the page theme.

2. Guest Posts

Instead of adding the URLs and hyperlinks to the website, you should go one-step format and handle guest blogs. This will allow you to get links from authorized content sources for your site via blogs. Here, it would be best if you focused on creating and delivering your content to sites that target the same niche content.

3. Focus on improving page speed

Consumers have a lower user experience with sites with very slow loading pages. So, with advanced ecommerce SEO, page speed should be one of the main focus points. Try out software types that will analyze the speed of the pages, concentrating on elements like images.

You can take measures to reduce the size of the image/video files, so the page speed is not acceptable.

4. Scan the Site with software

There are different tools available that the best experts at a top ecommerce SEO company in USA utilize for full website scanning. Evaluate various aspects of the content, like meta keywords, meta descriptions, and other details. You can rectify errors faster and cohesively with the information you get.

4. Avoid Plagiarism/content duplication

If your website showcases multiple products on show on different product pages, that can result in creating excess duplicate content. Google does not consider any duplicate content on sites illegal, but it can get a lower score in the SERPs. Here, you can use the right tool to detect duplicate content sections. Make changes as needed.

5. Use category pages

Some businesses make the error of displaying category pages but only showing those that are not suitable. Instead, optimize your category pages to show the information and services people will get from the category pages. Use this to showcase the merits of a product- this will help people make informed decisions.

How do UX Patterns in Google relate to Page performance of sites?

There are three main UX patterns that Google focuses on to improve result loading on eCommerce websites:

  • Infinite Scroll- With this feature, users can continuously scroll downwards to easily access more information without loading the page continuously.
  • Pagination- This pattern deals with cutting content into different pages. So, users can press page numbers or the Previous/Next options. Users can find the products after multiple clicks through the pages and track the number of pages they navigated through.
  • Load More- This UX pattern makes it possible for users to tap a specific button on the screen for users to see extra resolutions. This feature is mobile-friendly and simple to use, ensuring better SEO results for users.

Final Words

There are multiple tips you can use to improve the ecommerce SEO practices of your company. Focus on the UI and content formatting steps to improve the site’s quality. Hire the best team from an agency like SEO Company Experts for a better experience efficiently utilizing these tactics. Get in touch with these professionals as soon as you need them!