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Get Better ROI with Our PPC Management Services

Digital advertising is efficient in getting you leads; however, you need to have highly experienced people in designing paid campaigns.

If you are looking for a PPC management company, consider SEO Company Experts. We are a leading digital marketing company specialising in paid advertising, and we help you develop engaging, cost-effective, and profitable advertisements.

We have 5 years of experienced PPC ad managers who can help you target the right keywords and reduce CPC (Cost Per Click). We expertly filter out your potential customers to help ensure higher ROI on the investment. Our knowledge and expertise provide higher CTR (Click Through Rate) and reduced CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

Contact our PPC consultants to learn about our services and share your project with us.

What Do Our PPC Services Include?

We are a full-fledged digital marketing company. Our broad spectrum of services includes PPC management, Ad designing, Ad management, and campaign auditing services. We help you end-to-end in managing your paid advertisement. We offer you digital advertising solutions for Google and Bing. Our added benefits, such as remarketing campaigns, help you retain customers and ensure customer loyalty for your customers in the various stages of the conversion funnel.

We help you plan your advertisements; we help you design creatives, search keywords write ad copies, and more. These services provide you with added benefits and ensure your promotions would not be struck down due to compliance issues, and it gives you benefits such as lowered ad costs and high reachability.

Hire PPC ad managers from the best pay-per-click advertising company – SEO Company Experts for ensuring the success of your paid campaigns and reaching the global audience looking for your products and services.

PPC Audit Services

We do regular audits for your PPC ad campaigns that help us calculate the effectiveness of the PPC advertisements. This helps make the advertisements more efficient in attracting the target audience ensures higher ROI.

Google Ads Setup

Google advertising requires you to set up a company google account to run the advertisements. We provide you with complete services for setting you the google ad account and ensure no hurdles in running ads.

Bing Ads Setup

Bing is another search engine that you can utilize for PPC advertising. Bing Ads requires a business account set up to run your ad campaigns efficiently, and we help you set up a bing ad account.

Remarketing Campaigns

Search ads are one of the best places to run PPC advertisements. People are always searching for products and services on search engines, and you can use that to ensure customer acquisition and conversion through remarketing campaigns.

Search Ads

Search ads are one of the best ads types to target. You can target your potential customers who are searching for your service or products on search engines. Search ads also have higher conversion ratio.

Display Ads

Display ads are image-based advertisements that are very attractive. You can show your advertisements to people looking for your services or your competitors, and your ad would show up on the web pages. We can help you design, run, and manage these display ads.

Google Shopping Ads

If you are a product-based company, we can help you design google shopping ads that would display along with your product image on google search results. It is one of the best advertising solutions for ecommerce sites.

Local Ads

Local ads are best for small businesses as they are shown to people that are based in your location. We use location-based keywords to target people looking for services in your area and provide you with higher ROI through our PPC services.

YouTube Ads

Youtube has huge traffic daily. People from various countries log on to youtube to find video content. It provides you with solutions to show ads before and between these videos, either skippable or non-skippable. People can be targeted based on the keywords and their video preferences.

Social Ads

Social media have millions of people, and you can show them videos, display ads, and attract people to your websites from Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. We provide you with PPC strategizing, campaign management, and audit services.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We are experts in PPC advertising, and we use our knowledge and experience in dividing the leads into various stages of the conversion funnel. This division allows us to target customers differently and thus optimize the conversion through PPC advertising, remarketing, A/B testing, and more methods.

Advantages of PPC Services

There are various ways to utilize the customer data available on the internet. You can organically attract people to your platform or try out paid advertising (inorganic marketing) to attract people. PPC advertising is an inorganic marketing method, and it is a fast method that allows you to bid on the targeted keywords and run ads to show to people searching for your services.

With the powerful analytics provided by the advertising platforms, you get great insights to improve the efficiency of the advertisements. It helps you optimize the advertisement strategy and attract more people to your business. You can align your ad content as per your business strategy to offer various offers, increase brand awareness, get more subscriptions, or anything that is your plan for your business.

Cost-effective way to advertise

Compared with traditional marketing, digital advertising or PPC advertising provides you with cost-effective solutions to your business. It helps you target the people looking for the products and services you offer.

Faster Results

SEO is another good way to reach your customers. But it is a slow process that requires regular effort, and it is competitive. Thus, faster results are ensured through paid advertising. If you have experts like SEO Company Experts, they can manage your PPC advertisements better.

Trackable Results

You can learn a lot about your target audience through the insights offered by advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, Bing, etc. This would help you track the effectiveness of the PPC campaigns and use them for improving the result of your advertisements.

Highly Targeted Audience

PPC advertising works to your benefit as you get to target people based on their search, product preference, purchase history, and other data offered by the advertising platform. It helps you target people only that are likely to be interested in your products and services.

More Conversions

With various PPC advertising strategies, you target your users through remarketing campaigns and more. It ensures more conversion of the lead, and also, the insights allow you to strategize differently for all the people at various stages of the conversion funnel.

Increase Revenue

Advertising is used to increase sales and profitability. Advertising would help you develop advertising campaigns that help you meet your business target, and it is a great way to increase revenue and improve your brand visibility.

Improved Brand Visibility

Improved business visibility is ensured through advertisements, and people get to know about your brand and what products and services you are offering. Right strategies such as offering discounts or educating people about your business can help you improve your brand recognition.

Immediate Traffic

Getting people to come to your platform is going to be very difficult. SEO is a great way to generate free traffic. However, for quicker results, you need PPC advertisements. If you manage your PPC advertisements better and strategize well, you can generate traffic and qualified leads to meet your business goals.

Grow Your Business By Hiring a Team of PPC Experts!

Why Choose SEO Company Expert As Your PPC Management Company

PPC Management provides great benefits to your business. But, if not designed, planned, and managed properly, they can backfire. If you are spending your money on advertising and putting efforts into developing ad copies and running them on various platforms, you need results. And results come from expertise, knowledge, and experience.

We offer you the best PPC advertising services where we provide you with planning, keyword bidding, ad execution, management, auditing, and much more. Moreover, we provide you with weekly updates on all the campaigns to maintain transparency in the operations.


We provide you dedicated point of contact. You can call, chat, or mail them anytime to know the progress or if you need to convey anything to our PPC managers to make positive changes in the campaign.

Your Goals are Our Goals

Our advertisements are on-point. We make sure that the online campaigns sync your business strategy and offer you better results.

Save Valuable Time

We adapt to the way your customers respond to the advertisements, and this saves you valuable time and thus provides you with faster results.

Track Record

We have a spotless work record where we have developed amazing advertisements for your businesses from various industries.

Extensive Keyword Research

We identify all the useful long-tail and short-tail keywords, and this helps us target the users better and provide you with better conversion.

Effective Ad Copy

We are a full-fledged PPC marketing agency. Our PPC marketing services include content writing to develop the best ad copies that attract more users to your platform.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are where your leads land. And it is essential that your landing pages provide all the valuable information to the leads and provide a high-end user- experience.

Results-driven approach

Our PPC advertising services benefit your business. For that, we make sure that your business goals are achieved well with our advertising.

Industry Best Tools & Softwares

We have a great team of PPC ad managers who are well experienced with the trendy tools and software that boosts our understanding of the market and improve lead generation.

Detailed Monthly Report

Monthly reports provide you with an in-depth understanding of how the advertisements work for your business. It serves as proof of the results that we provide.

How We Work – Our PPC Process


Our Clients Feedback

We’re ready to plan your next PPC campaign. Are you?

  • Q. What Is PPC?

    A. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an advertising methodology for digital marketing that allows you to target users searching for your products and services using long-tail and short-tail keywords.

  • Q. Which Is Good For My Business? PPC Or SEO?

    A. SEO is an organic methodology, and PPC is an inorganic marketing methodology. SEO is free, whereas PPC is paid. While SEO is attractive because it does not require any money, it requires effort and time to show benefits. However, PPC providers have faster results. To ensure long-term and short-term growth, SEO and PPC advertising both are good for your business, and you must not avoid either.

  • Q. How To Choose The Best PPC Management Company For My Business?

    A. You can use the following criteria to hire the right PPC management company:

    • Look for a company that has good reviews for their PPC management
    • Hire someone that has worked for your industry as they would know the industry trends and know your customer behavior better.
    • Ask for their previous work samples and learn more from the monthly reports provided to understand the efficiency of their ad planning, creation, and management.

  • Q. How Much Do Your PPC Services Cost?

    A. We use a custom pricing model, depending on your advertising goals. Contact our PPC consultants to know more about the services and get a free quotation.

  • Q. Isn’t It Expensive To Advertise On Google & Bing?

    A. PPC advertising provides the benefit of selective advertising, and it means people interested in products and services provided by you or your competitors are only shown those ads. Also, you don’t pay anything for showing the ad; you only pay if a person clicks on the advertisement.

  • Q. Would You Be Able To Create Ads For My Business?

    A. Yes, we are an expert PPC marketing company that provides end-to-end PPC advertising services. From planning to creating to managing, we provide full-fledged services to meet your business needs.

  • Q.What Are The Different Types Of PPC Ads?

    A. There are various types of PPC advertisements. As per your advertising goals you can choose between:

    • Search ads
    • Display ads
    • Remarketing ads
    • Video ads
    • Shopping ads
    • Social ads
    • Gmail sponsored ads
    • Ecommerce ads

    To know more about these advertisement types, connect with our PPC consultants.

  • Q. How Much Traffic Can I Expect?

    A. The reach of advertisement depends on various factors, this includes:

    • Keyword reach
    • Demographic reach
    • Search volume
    • Product / service awareness
    • Advertising budget
    • Keyword pricing and more.

    You can connect with our experts to discuss your project and as for a free quotation.

  • Q. Would You Monitor And Optimize The Ad Campaign To Make Sure That We Don’t Lose Money?

    A. Yes, we manage your PPC advertisements. We monitor them all the time and optimize the ad copies, advertising strategy, and more to provide you with better conversion.

  • Q. What Type Of Results Can I Expect?

    A. Based on your advertising objective results can be expected. You can run PPC advertisements for:

    • Improving brand awareness
    • Increasing brand visibility
    • Improving traffic on site
    • Improving sales
    • Drive more subscriptions
    • Drive more followers and more.

  • Q. How Many Conversions Can I Expect?

    A. Once the advertising is out, we provide you a full report on the conversion rate and conversion cost. We use insights to optimize our advertising strategy and ad copies to give you a better conversion rate.

  • Q. Do You Need Any Type Of Content For Advertisements From My Side?

    A. It depends on you. If you have an in-house content development team, you can provide us with the content for the advertisement. However, we recommend you go with our content development services. We are experts and follow the best tactics to offer you cost-effective advertisements that better attract and engage your customers.

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