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Link Building Strategies

The Best SEO Link Building Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how you can pull searchers to your website. It improves the quantity and quality of web traffics. Web traffic can, however, be paid or unpaid. However, the right SEO techniques must be used. You can hire experts from SEO Company Experts for link building management to achieve targeted results.

Link building is the most crucial part of SEO marketing. Several SEO experts in the market provide link building services. Link building can be considered the heart of SEO, and it is a practice that helps acquire links from other websites to yours. As per the SEO practices, these links are called backlinks. Many claim link building is spammy and harmful. Yet, it remains the important element of SEO.

11 Best Link Building Strategies That Work

Link building is one of the tops aspects of SEO, followed by quality content. Backlinks have primary functional purposes for a website to be successful. SEO experts are available at SEO Company Experts, a link building company, and they can help you create these backlinks. However, while creating a backlink, specific strategies or tactics are a must-know for you. These strategies are:

1. Reclamation of Link

It is the most straightforward strategy for building a link. The basic idea is to reclaim a backlink that existed earlier but is now removed and broken due to specific issues. To reclaim a link back, all you have to do is check if there is a link on a particular page that directs back to your page. If there is, you can request to have it back from the publisher. Many link building agencies can help you.

Reclamation of Link

2. Building a Broken Link

It is almost the same strategy as the reclamation of a link. All you need to do here is leverage the broken backlinks from various pages on the web. To find the list of broken links, you will have to use any good backlink checker tool. It would help if you looked up a keyword related to your business. Once you get hold of them, you can inform the publishers about it and get it replaced with higher-quality relevant content of yours.

3. Building Resource Link

This kind of link building needs manual outreach. However, it is not assured that the success rate will be high even after that. However, the links obtained from this method tend to generate better website traffic. It also gives authority to your website. You can approach the publisher for a mention after getting hold of the resource link.

4. The 10X Content Method

It is a next-level technique and is one of the best link building strategies. The simple meaning of the term 10X is nothing but providing content that is 10 times better than what already exists. You must keep in mind some basics while creating such content.

  1. Experimenting with new formats and mediums
  2. Be outstanding
  3. Creating visceral content
  4. Answer the questions with details

Ego Bait

5. Ego Bait

Ego Bait is a grade one performer in performance-based link building. This method can be used in many ways. The basic idea behind this is to get noticed by an influencer’s ego. You can do this by tagging them in some post or snippet and encouraging them to read it. The idea is to ignite a conversation with the influencer.

6. Becoming a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is one of the best ways to build links. It is also highly effective. Thought leadership is very influential and inspiring at the same time. Some ideas that might help you in thought leadership are:

  1. Doing interviews on local media
  2. Creating a viral content on social media
  3. Writing guest posts
  4. Speak at public events and industry conferences

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7. Creating Original Research Content

Creating original research content is one of SEO’s most loved link building techniques. It has a very positive impact on the brand, and it can add high value to your industry. If this is done correctly, it can create many links for your website naturally.

The research is mainly conducted via surveys or by collecting data that contains related industry questions. If you cannot create original research content yourself, you can hire SEO experts who provide this service.

Link Building Through Influencers

8. Link Building Through Influencers

It is a beneficial method for link building, and it is one of the primary methods you will hear of in link building campaigns. This method will help you to a set of pre-established audiences who share the same thinking as yours. However, finding an influencer suitable for your brand is a must, and the promotion will work well only if the influencer is apt for your brand.

9. Moving Man Technique

It is a vast and complex method. Also, its success rate is lower than the other strategies. It operates on the principle of consistent branding and rebranding. This process involves the redirection of URLs even without the site owner’s knowledge who links the URLs to the original URL.

10. Promotional Database Building

A promotional database building is an excellent method to build links and create a massive promotional database to bring in great future opportunities. Every time you get hold of a new content that you wish to promote, reach out to the influencers you have selected for your company. Connect to them and follow up. The content boost through the influencers will help you get instant traffic for your website.

11. Promote the Content You Want to Build Links for

It is the simplest, easiest, and most common method of building links. Promotions are something that quickly catches the eyes of the audience. By promoting content, it is evident that you will generate more traffics to your page, and this will, in return, create more links for the content. You can use traditional paid promotions and email campaigns to promote your content, and it will help you pull in traffic to your page.


Building links is essential for SEO. However, the rules and methods of link building have been modified over the past years. However, the utility and the basic concept behind link building remain the same. Several agencies like SEO Company Experts are into SEO who can help you build these links using link building tools and other strategies that suit your business. Choosing the right approach is a must. Therefore, we would advise you to let the experts do the job instead of experimenting with it yourself. It will help you get the best results for your company, resulting in higher profits.