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White Hat Link Building Tactics

For most companies, engagement is an essential priority in their business. Professionals try out different strategies and plan to attract visitors and advertise their website and content to the relevant audience. For this, getting help from agencies like SEOCompanyExperts is helpful for digital marketing and search engine optimization initiatives.

Off-page and on-page SEO strategies are highly beneficial for website promotion and traffic increase. Among the former, link building is one of the best approaches you can focus on for creating suitable solutions like white hat backlinking. For link building, it is one of the best tactics to focus on, but why?

We discuss that further here and how to prosper with the best white label link building services. Read ahead to know more about that before adopting these tactics.

What does Link Building Mean?

Before trying to understand white hat linking, let us figure out link building as an approach. It is a process of acquiring links on another independent website content back to one’s site. Essentially, this pulls traffic from the other sites to your blogs, increasing engagement and content validity.

However, to get proper link building, it is crucial to partner with relevant and authoritative websites that are trusted and recognized. Therefore, connecting the linking channel to your site will increase the value of your site to visitors.

To get proper link-building benefits from other content creators and websites, you should enhance your site with SEO services to get a better ranking.

What does Backlink Mean?

Two link-building types are the main ones noticeable in the context of SEO services- outbound or inbound links. Here, we will focus primarily on the latter, which is more popularly known as backlinks. Other terms for it are one-way links and incoming links.

For companies planning to increase their brand image and visitor traffic, backlinks are a top strategy. These links connect one page of a site to another site. When another site links with your website, their traffic will reach your site as inbounds when they click on their link.

Statistically, 58.1% of digital marketing professionals specializing in SEO admit that backlinks influence search engine rankings highly. It is highly probable since the web crawlers that notice more top-grade links pointing to one page analyze it as a popular site. So, they automatically rank them higher in the SERPs.

For example, if you have a restaurant website and many other high-level sites backlink to your content, your content validity and rank will increase. Thus, when a consumer searches for the best restaurant in their town, your site will come up in their list first. For this, you should utilize SEO benefits like keyword insertion to increase the likelihood of a higher ranking. Take the help of experts from a top link-building agency like SEO Company Experts to make this plan.

Notable Backlink Types

Multiple types of backlinks are popular in the SEO field and can increase engagement for the website. Some of these examples include:

  • Guest bogging
  • Editorial backlinks
  • Comment backlinks
  • Business profile backlinks
  • Badge backlinks
  • Free-tool backlinks

White Hat Link Building- A Fundamental-Level Overview

Statistically, 95% of website pages do have backlinks on their sites. Plus, those who have backlinks may not always get the highest engagement. It is because of the lack of proper planning to find relevant inbound links or use non-ethical practices for link building.

Search engine algorithms are highly adept at sensing which web pages have the most relevance to internet users’ searches. These technologies accurately analyze which sites and webpages are providing low-quality content and naturally rank them lower. However, some websites can focus on manipulating the algorithms and increasing rankings.

On the other hand, White Hat SEO link building involves the opposite- these initiatives follow the Webmaster Guidelines and are straightforward tactics to boost rankings. These are the techniques one should ideally focus on and utilize to increase their backlinks and attract relevant traffic.

How is White Hat Link Building Important to Business?

Indeed, the initiatives revolving around white hat link building utilizes organic methods and practices to bring links to the web pages.

The experts at a white hat link building agency will help you focus on acquiring quality backlinks to get the right traffic efficiently. Statistically, users mostly click on 70% of organic links, which attracts visitors.

Two crucial points fall under this type of link building:

Companies focus primarily on fostering a good community on the site, including loyal readers of blogs or loyal customers.

Another priority is to create high-quality content that would encourage readers to share the blogs/pages and increase organic links genuinely.

It will be best if you keep in mind that this strategy focuses more on long-term persuasion than quick results. For that, you must focus on regularly delivering consistent and creative content to increase traffic.

Moreover, instead of linking just any phrase or work to a website, it is necessary to focus on authenticity and relevance while planning white hat linking strategies. The web crawlers will search and analyze all readable webpage sections, avoiding adding irrelevant links for increasing backlinks only.

Tested Best Strategies to Adopt for Top-Notch White Hat Link Building Practices

There are multiple tactics businesses and digital marketing professionals focus on related to white hat link generation. It would be best if you considered using these strategies to increase engagement/traffic on your site within the approved boundaries.

1. Preparing link-worthy assets

One of the first steps you should take in your quest to get the appropriate backlinks is creating assets that earn them naturally. For this, avoid the wrong steps, like:

  • Avoid asking for any links
  • Do not purchase links

Instead, you should plan and deliver content and services that hold high value. Therefore, other users will organically find an interest in learning about it and decide to provide backlinks.

Here, one should focus on three points primarily:

  • Original research- Carry out genuine research and gather data insights on your own from the market and audience instead of copying pre-set data. Others are likely to link to your content if they find unique and well-researched information in it.
  • Tools- Add multiple engaging tools to your pages, like calculators, quizzes, checklists, and intuitive templates.
  • In-depth FAQs and guides- Add helpful guides with solutions for many niche and generic audience questions. It will bring traffic.

2. Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the most notable strategies for attracting visitors to a website. As a link-building tactic, this works for bloggers, marketers, and businesses highly to appeal to the target audiences. Statistically, 76% of worldwide editors focus on posting 1-10 guest posts per week.

This process involves many points of concern:

  • You have to plan and research a list of publications and websites where you can publish and promote your guest post content.
  • It is vital to create a high-quality email outreach.
  • Plan the right type of email address.
  • Search for relevant decision-makers that will like your pitch and might approve of it/improve it.

3. Comments under authoritative articles/blogs

Comments in discussion forums and the review section of authoritative blogs are also valuable sources of genuine link building. Search engines like Google also analyze and rank these sites and webpages and rank these sites as higher. So, targeting this section will help you increase organic search when you create comments regarding post topics or promote related discussions.

4. Local SEO

Another helpful strategy for improving organic traffic is the adoption of Local SEO services. For this, partner with companies that operate within the same region of your company and cater to the same industry audience.

When you collaborate with them, they will likely share links to your site on their forums and online posts, and you can also repeat the gesture. Statistically, referral leads have a 30% higher chance of conversion than other marketing channels. It is relevant in the context of white hat link building as well.

5. Broken Link Building

One of the most common tactics of link generation that companies can take without any deceptive moves is focusing on broken links. It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective techniques to take.

Companies often link to other websites, but the links may become active due to content removal, the said agency going out of business, etc., this leave behind links that are ‘broken’ or those that take visitors to 404 pages. You can acquire that link position and add your site to it. These are open for anyone to use; therefore, it is known as broken link building.


Indeed, link-building initiatives related to white hat linking are suitable for bringing in more organic traffic to the site. If that is a priority for you, get in touch with the best marketing professionals at SEO Company Experts.

The team here will study your objectives and plan relevant strategies for you, including top-notch personalized link-building and SEO tactics. Discuss your requirements with the experts and begin planning as soon as possible for the best results later.