5 High-Quality Link Building Strategies for 2022 and Beyond

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High-Quality Link Building Strategies

Every company has an online platform, and increasing engagement with web visitors is their top priority. For this, link building is a highly valuable strategy since it helps improve a site’s search performance by connecting to industry keywords. 90% of marketing experts work with content pieces to get more backlinks.

These links connect the site to other authoritative web pages or content, increasing the validity of the business website. Statistically, 55.24% of active webpages online do not have backlinks yet, but many companies are now focusing on their uses.

If you are looking to optimize the SEO condition of your site content with link building services, you should hire specialized professionals from a company like SEO Company Experts.

There are many benefits of link building. There are some specific steps you can take to optimize your content relevancy with link building. If you want to know what strategies to adopt, here we discuss that and more.

What is Link Building?

Before discussing the strategies to try out, you should know what link building means. It is a type of off-page SEO improvement tactic that website owners use to get inbound links to their web pages from other sites. Better link sources help increase referral traffic, allowing Google’s web crawlers to analyze your site and link it higher.

Indeed, the search engine algorithms would check the quantity and quality of your backlinks to check for relevance with your content topic. Choosing good sources will spur the credibility of your site and eventually boost traffic, conversions, and engagement.

Expect a higher authority boost for your website as well. Remember, though, that this is one of the slower SEO strategies. Results will be visible gradually, so consistency is key.

What are Backlinks?

For the best content marketing and link-building strategy, you should understand and use backlinks appropriately. Take the help of experienced marketing professionals like those from SEO Company Experts.

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are hyperlinked keywords that will connect your content elements with external relevant sites. It will automatically increase your site traffic.

Inbound and outbound links are not the same since outbound links are ones that you connect to other sites, like reference/study material. To grow your business profitability through SEO and SERP ranking, focus mainly on backlinks.

So, viewers will ‘come in’ to your website to find the topic information they are looking for. Take professional link building services to prepare suitable solutions or plans for your site.

Significance of Link Building for Company Websites

Overall, there are multiple benefits you can expect from focusing on link-building strategies. Here are some common ones.

  • Search engine ranking improvement- Web crawlers from Google or other search engines will analyze your site content for relevant industry keyword searches. It will help categorize your company’s site and content. It helps to bring in the right audience group.
  • Higher domain authority- When many links carry users to your content, that will increase the relevancy and authority of your domain to viewers. They will believe your site to have accurate information and trust your brand more. Your domain authority will significantly grow if you have more backlinks.
  • Higher website traffic- Through link-building strategies and with the help of experts from a top link building agency, you will notice an increase in web traffic. It is because people who search and access other sites will click the link that delivers them to your website. Compared to focusing only on organic traffic, the addition of referral traffic will naturally increase your overall audience numbers.
  • Improved reputation- If your website has more backlinks from other sites, Google will analyze and term it as a credible source of information. After all, other publishers will promote your site, and that will further increase your credibility. Statistically, 52% of digital marketing experts admit that brand mentions and link building impact organic search rankings highly and ultimately improve one’s reputation as a trustworthy site.

Strategies for Link Building You Should Adopt in 2022

Now that we know what link building is and why you should focus on it, here are the top strategies you should take up. Using the right strategy that best suits your brand image and services will help you further increase engagement. So, you should carefully know and understand all these options well.

1. Categorized infographics

One of the best link-building strategies to use is categorized infographics, which are highly appealing and informative to users. Statistically, 53% of SEO specialists use infographics for earning backlinks since these can efficiently condense complicated information.

Companies and content creators use this as a brand marketing and link-building strategy to see a higher rate of social shares and brand mentions. There are particular types of infographics to focus on in this regard.


You can add data and contextual links, linking them to citation-based content. People posting research material or similar informative content would add these infographics to their articles to validate an opinion or theory. It attracts bigger site contributors and pitches writers to use sites as references.


These infographics mainly aim to increase Google SERP rankings, related to broader head keywords. You can choose a broad-term industry keyword with many searches and prepare an infographic around it. Then, add that alongside the blog content.

Storyline/how-to guides

It relates to social or editorial posts catering to a general audience base. Story-based infographics substantiate topics with links to tutorials, videos, etc. Since these types have a wider appeal, they can attract more viewers to your site if you add them.

2. Create strategic partnerships for content marketing

One of the best strategies that many companies opt for is co-marketing, which increases visitors and customers for both parties in a partnership. Their audience will engage with your website when you link to them, and the other industry blog will backlink to your content. You can improve your brand authority when you promote the other company’s services and vice versa.

For this strategy, you should choose the blogs/companies to partner with. After that, like-minded audiences will visit your sites.

Statistically, 43.7% of the highest SERP-ranked web pages include mutual links to other sites that also backlink to them. It would be best if you did the same for your content; take the help of top experts from a reliable link-building company, like SEO Company Experts.

3. Track Competitor and Native Backlinks

In simpler terms, it will benefit you if you use the backlinks as a tracking medium to check for content reach. You can check the site analytics metrics to see the organic traffic to your content, the number of visitors, which content types are getting the most traffic, bounce rates, and other such details.

Based on these insights, companies can optimize the backlink activity of their content. For example, if another website promotes similar posts as yours but gets a higher ranking, use link analysis tools to analyze and track their backlinks. You can re-strategize based on the gathered information.

You can make changes to your strategies based on this research. For example, replicate those content or SEO plans based on what they are succeeding with. If they are struggling, you should reframe your strategy to add that to your plan. This way, you can attract visitors that your competitors are failing to appeal.

4. Broken link building

Brands in some industries may decide to change the URL or domain of their website. Sometimes, they may lose business and have to remove their content from platforms. When something like this occurs, their inbound links on different sites will show 404 errors and become ‘broken’. At this point, other businesses have the opportunity to invest in those links.

You can use on-page technical SEO support from the experts at the top link-building company for accurate backlink monitoring work on competitor sites.

5. Prepare guest blogs and promote content with backlinks

One of the best link-building strategies for companies is incorporating other digital marketing strategies. Guest blogging, for example, is a suitable tactic to gain many high-quality backlinks and show proper knowledge on specific topics. You can notice higher site traffic and rankings when you follow this.

Firstly, you should research other news providers and content creators in your company’s industry. For example, you can partner with publications that cater to your niche audience and work with them to promote your blogs. See who is willing to promote your blogs for inbound link exchange.

The visitors will find your guest blogs credible due to this connection to authority publishers and also if you post unique content. Make sure to avoid content spinning and improve blog SEO quality.

Final Words

For any company, whether small-scale or big enterprise-level, link-building strategies are helpful for improving credibility, marketability, and reach. Take the help of professionals from SEO Company Experts for custom plans and tailored strategies for your company.

It will help if you use infographics and backlink tracking tools while also focusing on content creation to optimize your link-building efforts. The experts at this link building company will help you with all, so contact us now.