Google PPC Advertising: Beginner’s Guide to PPC Marketing

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Google PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising, or Pay Per Click Advertising, is one of the best forms of digital marketing techniques available today. PPC can drive conversions, traffic, and sales to your business and help it grow. But if you are new to this field, the process can be daunting.

As a reputed PPC management company, we have wrapped our experience and knowledge into a comprehensive guide on this platform, which is apt for all, especially beginners!

PPC Marketing – Overview

PPC is a paid digital marketing tool where advertisers pay a fee whenever someone clicks on their ads.

PPC ads are of different types and are used on digital platforms like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It is beneficial for businesses of all scales and sizes to drive traffic and conversions to their sites. Such pages can be for different things like specific services, offers, or products or the homepage.

It works by displaying ads, PPC campaigns, and search ads in a space where potential clients can see it, click on it, and hopefully complete a sales action.

Why is PPC Advertising Beneficial?

PPC marketing can bring benefits to your business only when you deploy it properly. A few benefits of this marketing technique are:

1. Scalability

It is a fully-scalable technique that works well for all kinds of businesses. Whether your business is small-scale or a big setup, you can customize this technique as per your business model.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

PPC campaigns are cost-effective, as you need to only when someone clicks on your ads. It gives you complete control over your business by letting you select how your money is being spent, the keywords you bid on, and other aspects. You can always assign an expense limit to each ad campaign.

3. Drives Instant Results and Traffic

PPC advertising is a paid tool that drives results instantly. It displays your website on top in the search engines and drives huge potential traffic. Sometimes it may take a few hours for the PPC campaign to show results or a few years or months to drive substantial traffic.

4. Easy to Measure

With PPC marketing, you can keep your expenses in check and have control over the results to a great extent. It is because PPC platforms and Google Ads offer a tracking pixel, which is a code that links to the ad click and lets you know what the user does on your site.

You can spend depending on the way your ads perform and the benefits your website is getting. The keywords can also be adjusted depending on the number of clicks your ad receives and people to you.

5. Easy to Target Potential Customers

PPC combined with SEO works as an effective way to target specific audiences via search engines such as Google and Bing. Using PPC, you can choose where and when your ads appear and who clicks on them. It is a precise marketing channel that lets you target a specific market segment.

6. No Dependency on Algorithm Changes

PPC is a more stable form of advertising in comparison to other SEO strategies and content marketing. You can judge and plan your marketing campaign based on the previous metrics.

What are the Different Kinds of PPC Campaigns?

  • Display Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Remarketing Ads
  • G-mail Sponsored Ads
  • In-stream Ads

PPC Advertising – Is It Good for Your Business or Not

PPC is a paid form of marketing. So, whether it is good for your business or not depends mainly on whether you have a budget for it or not. If you don’t have a budget, you should focus on boosting the organic reach. But if you have one, PPC advertising is the best form of online marketing to go with.

It is an effective way to reach out to people who are looking out for your services or products. Your budget is determined by your competition, audience, and kinds of services/products. that you wish to increase awareness.

PPC Ad Platforms

Google Ads is till date, the biggest platform for PPC. For this reason, most reputed companies offer Google Ads as one of their PPC management services. But there are other options also available, which you can take into account.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Microsoft Ads / Bing Ads
  • Ad Roll

Best Practices to Setup PPC Campaigns

You may easily start with PPC marketing, but you would not be able to fully optimize it unless you know how to start with it. Therefore, we share some best tips and practices to start a rewarding PPC campaign.

1. Define Your End Goal

Define your end goal first, and then build a PPC campaign accordingly. You must have clear goals in context to generating novel ideas, attracting customers, engaging existing customers, and boosting sales. Your PPC strategy must be based on your ultimate goal.

2. Perform Keyword Research

Your PPC ads must target specific keywords. You should include the keywords that are relevant to your business. Using keywords makes it easy for people to find your business and offerings. Do consider the cost-per-click of your keyword to manage campaigns in your budget.

3. Prepare a Compelling CTA and Strong Ad Copy

A clear CTA will boost your ad performance. Incorporate keywords into your ad copy, including a clear call to action. Add catchy phrases and titles to develop a sense of urgency among your audience so that they take relevant action. Click-through rates are proven to improve the percentage of clicks that your ads get in one view and boost overall PPC management.

4. Optimize Based on Your Results

Track results and determine the weaknesses and strengths of your campaign. Based on the feedback, you may optimize your next PPC campaign to gain the desired results.

Google AdWords – The Best PPC Platform for Your Business

Among the various available options, Google AdWords is the best for a business. It helps to get your business found on the basis of a target audience who looks for specific terms related to your content, products, and brand.

The prime benefits of Google AdWords are:

  • It creates compelling advertisements that provide products and messages which your prospects are looking for.
  • It helps reach customers through various devices like tablets, mobiles, or desktops.
  • The Google Ads Keyword Planner is a free tool. Using Google Ads, you can search the long-tail keywords relevant to your target audience.
  • Establish a daily budget so that the allocated spending does not exceed.
  • Test and tweak ads any time and restart and pause the ads.
  • Google ads help you measure the success rate of your campaigns. You can find out the number of people who see the ads too.

Summing Up

It is necessary and best to regularly measure the success of your PPC marketing campaign. To manage the internet marketing campaigns from the very first time, you must hire a renowned PPC management agency like SEO Company Experts. We offer a myriad of PPC management services under one roof. Our experts efficiently manage your PPC campaign to reap sound results and promote the progressive development of your business.